Flowpack packaging

rasp thickness 2mm – 5mm
rasp length 1cm – 5cm
retail 150g – 400g
bulk 500g – 5000g

Kraats own brand

The Kraats brand – a packaging with the Kraats farmer on the Dutch flag – is proudly featured on various packaging. Our logo stands for quality, honesty and reliability. Properties that we like to convey as an organization. The packaging can be ordered in various sizes and weights. Our basic products are free from artificial colors and made with microbiological rennet.

Private label

We package your brand as you wish. From full color foils with 10 colors to a blank packaging with a white sticker with your company name. If you would like to have your own cheese cut and packaged, this is possible – provided it meets the correct specifications.

Industry, Food-Service, Retail

Kraats Kaas supplies its customers in various segments. Think of bakery chains, wholesalers, caterers, meat processing industry and retailers. We can offer packaging for the grated cheese in bags of 150 grams to 5 kilos. You can choose from deep drawing or flow pack packaging.