Energy and climate

Kraats Kaas has invested heavily in energy efficient and climate friendly technology. The water recovery system allows us to keep 80,000 litres of water at a constant temperature of 70 °C. This water takes care of the complete heating and warm water supply for the entire company, including the crate washing station. Because we do not use natural gas, we prevent the emission of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gasses that depletes the ozone layer.


Kraats Kaas’ company process is designed to save the environment as much as possible. For example:

  • The packaging films from incoming products are collected, pulverized and removed for recycling.
  • Cardboard is also collected for recycling.
  • We use environmentally friendly detergents.
  • Our company building is very well insulated.
  • We have outsourced our transport, realising an optimum load for the trucks transporting our products. This is better for the environment and also offers us more flexibility in delivering products to our customers.

People and partners

Kraats Kaas only conducts business with companies and countries that respect human rights and good working conditions. That is why we maintain sustainable, open relationships with our customers and suppliers, which we select with great care.

Personnel & organisation

At Kraats Kaas we ensure a good working environment; we set a high value on:

  • Prohibition of discrimination.
  • Good working conditions, respecting collective labour agreements.
  • Equal pay according to the collective labour agreements for foreign temporary Staff members.
  • The presence of emergency response workers and an independent confidant.
  • Clean work clothes for the production workers.