Kraats Kaas has a quality system that meets a number of standards. We have the highest certification level for both the BRC GS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) and the IFS (International Featured Standard). Both standards have been approved and acknowledged by GFSI and a combination of the HACCP system, quality management, GMP, customer focus and several design requirements.

Our grated cheese has received a ‘Grated Cheese’ certification. ‘Grated Cheese’ is a quality label that guarantees the buyers that a bag of grated cheese does indeed contain what is says it should contain. This part of our business uses tracking and tracing to offer customers complete transparency.

Other certifications

Besides the regular quality certifications, Kraats Kaas also has a VLOG (without GenTec)and  Halal certification. The certifications can be downloaded. The related external auditor reports are viewable by our customer’s QA Managers.